The GFS Library is a web-based platform that provides free access to educational e-books to both teachers and students. Students and teachers can enjoy free access to more than a thousand digital books appropriate for K-12 learning.

The GFS Library is a component of the Global Filipino Schools, a long-term educational initiative of Globe Telecom. This initiative seeks to transform public schools into centers of ICT excellence and innovative teaching methods, in order to set the stage for 21st Century Learning.

With the expansion of the Global Filipino Schools and awareness of the GFS Library around the country, public schools can more effectively make use of quality reading resources, and promote digital learning to more students and teachers nationwide, particularly in schools where access to quality books is poor, and usage of technology for learning is not maximized.


Through the GFS Library, students and teachers alike have access to reading materials that range from story books for children and young adults, as well as textbooks on core subjects such as Maths, Science, English, Filipino, Music, the Arts, among others.

By signing up for an account, users can easily search titles through key categories and themes. Selected titles will be downloaded and ready for reading in just a few clicks.

The GFS Library is accessible through any desktop and mobile operating system that has an internet browser. All titles can be opened and read through basic e-book readers.


The project is in partnership with Flipside, a leading publisher of ebooks in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region; and Cloudfone, one of the leading providers of smartphones and tablets in the country.

Through the partnership with Cloudfone, 200 tablets will be distributed to 20 Global Filipino Schools around the country to further promote digital learning. All tablets will already be pre-loaded with an e-reader for quick usage. Teachers and students need only to access the school’s wifi —which is also provided by Globe —to connect to the Digital Library as many titles as needed.